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Beginner 2 Mindfulness Activity Deck

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Kickstart your mindfulness practice with our thoughtfully designed Beginner to Mindfulness Card Deck. This set of 30 cards gently guides you to incorporate mindfulness into daily life through short, engaging prompts and exercises.

Each card provides a different way to anchor your awareness in the present moment. Practice mindful breathing, body scans, attention focusing activities, calming visualizations, and more mindful moments.

Simply draw a card each day and spend a few minutes immersed in the mindfulness task. Over time, you'll train your brain to be more focused, peaceful, and resilient to stress. The practices cultivate self-compassion, gratitude, emotional intelligence, and overall wellbeing.

Designed for total beginners, the simple instructions are clear and unintimidating. Pick a card, read the prompt, and reset with mindfulness!

Print the mindfulness prompts at home or choose our cards printed on premium card stock and cut and laminated for durability so they are ready to engage with anywhere. 

You will get a PDF (10MB) file

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