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Mindful Reminders Set

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Stay calm and focused with the Mindful Reminders card deck! This easy-to-use card set helps you practice mindfulness every day. Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment without judgment.

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The deck includes:

- 30 Affirmation Cards with positive messages to uplift your thoughts

- 14 Mindful Activity Cards with short practices to reduce stress

- 30 Themed Cards to inspire mindful thinking about career, relationships, self-care, mental health, physical health, and money

To use: Start each day by picking a card randomly from the deck. Read the message or do the quick activity. Notice how it makes you think and feel. Use the cards to take relaxing breaks too.

With regular use, you'll get better at focusing on the here and now. You'll feel more calm, grateful, and kind. Mindful Reminders helps you remember to breathe, reflect, and live life fully!

For personal use only

You will get a PDF (19MB) file

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