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Shadow Work Oracle Deck

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Journey inward with the Shadow Work Oracle, a 38-card deck created to gently guide your shadow work and inner transformation. Shadow work involves illuminating the hidden, suppressed, or disowned aspects of ourselves so that we may integrate and heal these parts of our being.

Each card in this oracle deck features a unique prompt designed to help you lovingly explore the unconscious realms of your psyche - where fears, blockages, repressed emotions, and unhealed wounds often wait in the shadows, unconsciously influencing your behaviors and beliefs.

Delve into your shadow side with an open heart and without judgment, allowing whatever arises to surface. This personal work takes courage, radical self-honesty, and compassion. But healing the fractured self leads to wholeness, authenticity, and freedom.

This limited edition deck includes 38 cards featuring topics like perfectionism, scarcity, comparison, shame, judgment, addiction, jealousy, manipulation, and more. High-quality cardstock printed with a unique, minimalist oracle card design.

Choose below to have us professionally print and ship the deck to you, or simply download the printable PDF template to print at home. Either way, let this oracle gently illuminate your inner realm, support profound insights, and guide you on your path to self-acceptance and healing.

For personal use only

3.5” x 2” in size. (Perfect for travel)

38 Answer cards.

No tuck box or card holder.

Card Stock / Square Corners

You will get a PDF (6MB) file

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