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Mindful Moments Meditation Club

A supportive community providing guided pathways to cultivate inner peace and self-awareness through mindfulness practices.

When I first got into this whole mindfulness thing, I was totally lost in all the buzzwords and philosophies out there. It would've been awesome to have someone break it down and show me the ropes on how to actually apply it to my life. As I've built this brand, I knew mindfulness had to be a core part of it. Why? Because being present and aware of your thoughts and feelings is key for that real self-discovery work. This space is all about making mindfulness accessible and practical for doing the inner work to know yourself better. If you're trying to go inward and get clear on who you really are, let's take this mindful journey together.

Mindful Moments

Mindfulness unlocks the doorway to your soul,

Where you'll uncover the beauty of being whole.

Each breath an invitation, each moment a key,

To the unexplored landscapes of your true identity.

Choose a pricing plan

Tier 1: Basic Membership Billed Annually ($5 per month or $50 per year)

per year
With the basic membership you get 1 year access to:
  • Library of guided meditation audio files (as well as new files added monthly)
  • Weekly meditation tips and insights via email
  • Access to a private online community forum

Tier 2: Premium Membership Billed Annually ($12 per month or $120 per year)

per year
The Premium Membership includes:
  • Everything in the Basic Membership
  • Access to live virtual meditation sessions with an instructor (once per month)
  • Downloadable meditation guides, worksheets, and journaling prompts
  • Access to exclusive¬†goal tailored programs (stress reduction, improved sleep, increased focus, etc.)
  • Quarterly meditation challenges with tracking and rewards