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I Create Vision Board Planner

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Manifest your dreams and turn your visions into reality with "I Create" – a powerful digital vision board planner designed to help you visualize and achieve your goals. This interactive PDF planner combines the art of vision boarding with practical planning tools, empowering you to create a roadmap for success.


• Customizable Vision Board Pages: Express your aspirations through captivating visuals by importing images, adding text, and arranging elements to craft your personalized vision board.

• Goal-Setting Worksheets: Clearly define your objectives, break them down into actionable steps, and track your progress with intuitive goal-setting templates.

• Monthly and Weekly Planners: Stay organized and focused with comprehensive planners that allow you to schedule tasks, appointments, and important milestones.

• Journaling Sections: Reflect on your journey, celebrate wins, and document your thoughts and experiences in dedicated journaling areas.

• Interactive Elements: Enjoy a seamless experience with fillable forms, checkboxes, and note-taking capabilities, perfect for capturing ideas on the go.

Instructions for Use:

1. Download the "I Create" PDF planner to your preferred device (computer, tablet, or digital notebook).

2. Open the PDF using a compatible viewer or annotation app that supports interactive features and drawing/writing capabilities.

3. Use your digital pen, stylus, or touchscreen to interact with the planner, filling out forms, checking off tasks, and creating your vision board.

4. Import images from your device's gallery or cloud storage to personalize your vision board pages.

5. Set reminders and sync with your calendar to stay on top of your goals and commitments.

Suitable Devices and Digital Pens:

"I Create" is optimized for use on digital notebooks and tablets, including:

• Remarkable Tablet

• Onyx BOOX Note Air

• Samsung Galaxy Tab S Series

• Apple iPad (with Apple Pencil)

• Microsoft Surface (with Surface Pen)

The planner supports handwriting input and annotation using a variety of digital pens and styluses, allowing you to write, draw, and customize your vision board and planning pages naturally.

Unlock your potential and bring your aspirations to life with "I Create" – the ultimate digital vision board planner for goal-setting, planning, and manifestation. Download it today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and achievement.

You will get a PDF (55MB) file

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